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“For there is no reason in war. For the only reason of war is to have no reason (because where there is reason there isn’t war).
That the only true and effective wars are only the unfair ones, and that the innocent victims are the most useful and sweet-smelling to the gods’ feeding”
C. Levi


They build walls, they steal the land
The world ignores, fuckin deaf and blind

The world ignores the tragedy of the exiles
Since Six days war Israel denies
No passage to Ramallah… The invader now forbids
They’re all ghurba*. No way for the refugees

They build walls, they steal the land
The world ignores, fuckin deaf and blind
“I hate the frontiers, I hate the borders
Borders of the body, of the writing, of the behaviors,
Of the states…”**

People lead to famine, convicted in a cage
Sheltered by U.S.A, the executioners take no blame
They build walls, they steal the land
The world ignores, fuckin’ deaf and blind

**Murid Al Barghouti – “I saw Ramallah”

This song is dedicated to Anarachists Against The Wall and all the ones who fight against the apartheid in Palestine.


Your life isn’t how you figured out
Not even nearly what you thought
Neither the one you hoped for
… Dreadful revelation told

Bloody aims, mutilations
Souls humiliated
By violence and hatred
Uneven, unequal fight
No salvation for the faint

Slowly going to find out
The shames of human kind

Now war is coming… Our death so near
Welcome to the age of fear… Our doom so clear

No way out from death
Never been out of the lies

Slay the “enemies”
For senseless reasons
Blinded by ignorance

No way out from death
Never been out of the lies

Could you escape the demons you created?
taste the pain the makes you insane
When you’ll discover the remains of hate
they’re surrounding you, they are inside you.


Engineers of hate place profit before life
Lords of war, they sell weapons for diamonds
Multinational corporations, they still rule the land
Fomenting civil war, breeding fratricide

There is no reason in war
Stolen lives anymore!

Nekare! – “Kill our own people”
Nekare! – “Disembowel the feeble”

Uganda’s plague – warriors blinded by hate
Kony’s slaves – call themselves L.R.A*

Totong** madness, people call them butchers
Same suffering from the government soldiers

Can’t explain this suffering
Humiliating violence, pain, pain
Can’t explain this suffering
Humiliating senseless violence, pain

*Lord’s resistance to army
**Butchers, as people call Koly’s olum warriors


With haughtiness, with scorn
Crush the legions
Disarmed and wounded beg for mercy
Kill with deadly anger
And avenge your enemy

Incessant unending ruins and dying visions
Lose our scattered days
Pain and power dominate our raw reality…

We are a kingdom of deluded and losers
You got no way out, because it’s too late
You got nothing to do… Nothing but to escape

With haughtiness, with scorn
Take part in the suffering, avenge your enemy
Servants and masters translate the terror
And the sound of victory –
The cowards flee, the innocents die
Blood and death are the only way out
For the will of our new demons

Downfall increases, take another road
Beyond the flames of Hell
And escape

This is the price to pay
Keep on marching and decaying
In this ending road
Among the hell of

VOICE OF A BETRAYED GENERATION (bonus track on 2011 edition)

You use to tell of progress – you talk about the wellness
A whole system built on deceit – ignorance-fed fuelled by greed
Condemned to precariousness – servants of your growing luxury
You laugh and play with lives – sickening the present, deleting the future
You use to tell of safety – you talk about the crisis
Selling illusions you brought about it – and now summon us to pay it
You want us to be servants – in your dreadful babylon
This system is so full of shit – their executioners people feeds


PAY! – PAY! – For a morbid present
PAY! – PAY! – For a future denied



Excruciating I will skin you alive
Shove my dick into your hollow eyes
Roamin’ in tatters… Your world will fray
…Emptiness decays

So this age enthroned lust,
So I watch human waste
Scorned dignity
I see just porks,
Worms and ghosts
I filter the foul, the scorn,
This stinking greed… I piss on it
Their brains I carve and sever
Blazing a trail I filter


Welcome to another universe
Motionless watching hidden abominations
Surrender to horror
While cruelty silently comes… From beyond

Gaze the face of unspeakable
Aren’t you curious?
Through my limbs they walk
They’re coming… From beyond

I’ve seen over the borders of infinity
I’ve evoked the demons from the stars
I’ve summoned the shadows who traveled
From a world to another
To scatter death,
To scatter madness

Those things that devour and dissolve
They look for me, they want me!
And I howl in this horrible chaos
Wait for disintegration…


Legions of the mindrapers stand still
Fool your life
“Obey the lord, count all your sins”
Praise the holy lie
“Despise your body, hate yourself”
They preach
“To escape the fires of hell”
You must not see reality
Mankind-castration reigns-through the centuries
Theory of-salvation-delivers-obscene hypocrisy

God is evil

Balls torture for the preachers
Torture the preachers
In the hand of human powers
The brutality of sin
From their heaven the few suppress
The existence, the dignity…


I’ll be the emotion that fills your void
The horrors of your dreams
The hope of your nightmares
My eyes burn your blood

Daimonion – command fires of life
Daimonion – to light their darkness

I challenge the universe” – I darken all failures
It’s me against the world – It’s me against god
Near the candlelight
I stare your fading heart
I severed ties with my past
To shred remorse and threaten the Death
My eyes burn your blood

Daimonion – Command fires of life
Daimonion – To light their darkness

“I challenge the universe” – I darken all failures
“It’s me against the world” – It’s me against god

All lyrics by A. Lisi


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